Alternative Spring Break Exhibit in the Library!

Now through June 16, Northeastern University Libraries and the Northeastern Center of Community Service invite you to view Break Out to Serve: Alternative Spring Break 2008, in the exhibit showcase on the first floor of Snell Library. During Alternative Spring Break 2008, 92 students and ten staff members from Northeastern volunteered their time to a variety of projects in a number of issue areas. Volunteers dedicated a total of 4,080 hours of service, all providing unique experiences and assistance to communities in need. In Fort Smith, Arkansas, volunteers helped build four homes. Alternative Spring Breakers tutored children at an orphanage in Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic, in math and reading. Volunteers worked to repair and restore homes of senior citizens and people with disabilities living in Macon, Georgia. Other students planted trees and worked to restore the environment on a wildlife preserve in Kissimmee, Florida. Volunteers in Mobile, Alabama assisted HIV/AIDS patients with daily living tasks, such as landscaping and housework. In both New Orleans, Louisiana and Biloxi, Mississippi, students served by assisting in the continuing efforts to clean up post-Katrina wreckage. Students built a playground at a primary school and taught forty schoolchildren lessons for the week in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. In Tahlequah, Oklahoma, volunteers helped lay PVC piping on the local waterline project as well as tending to other routine tasks within the Cherokee Nation. Volunteers worked at a camp in Killeen, Texas for children with special needs and chronic illnesses. Take a look at trip pictures and learn more about how you can get involved with Alternative Spring Break at Northeastern. For more information on how to make your next spring break the experience of a lifetime, contact the Center of Community Service at