New Photo Exhibit in the DMDS

Laughing--December 2007

The Library’s Digital Media Design Studio is hosting a new exhibit in their 200 Snell Library space, highlighting student work, and starting with the photography of student Sierra Smith. If you’re interested in displaying your work, please contact Thomas Bary ( or Debra Mandel ( Here is a following statement from the photographer: “I don’t know if I’ve been working long enough to develop a style, but my work does tend toward the artistic, rather than the journalistic. It’s often fairly colorful, too. Though I would say I’m pleased with my portfolio, it’s been mostly limited by my camera; I’ve been using the same one for years, and it’s not exactly something a photographer would flaunt. Because of its quality, my work is often narrowed into a single style. However, it also forces me to compensate by looking for things that another photographer with better equipment may not see. While he’s letting the camera dictate his photograph, I’m letting my artistic vision do the honor.” -Sierra Smith Journalism, Class of 2014 Sierra is also the Library’s event photographer and you can see many of her pictures on Snippets as well!