iPod Addiction

Yesterday morning while getting off the commuter rail on the way to work, I did my usual routine of taking out my iPod and starting a favorite song.  However, when I took it out and pressed play– nothing happened.  I realized my battery was dead… and freaked out.  Easy fix though, right?  Just bring it home after work and charge it.  But, that would involve being without it for an entire day.  An entire back-from-a-week-and-a-half-off day.  I knew then what I never wanted to admit– I am addicted to my iPod. It never used to be this way.  I was probably the only one on the planet without an iPod, certainly the only one out of my friends.  I thought, “I’ll never get one.  I’ll never cave to society’s popular gadgets.”  But, when my other cheap-o mp3 player bit the dust, I decided it was time for a change.  Something a little more innovative, a little more durable– a little more like an iPod.  So I went for it and let me tell you: it was the best $150 I’ve ever spent.  Not only did I get an iPod, but I got the brand new 3rd generation nano.  Gasp. I listen to it on the way to work.  I listen to it at my desk.  Occasionally you can see me listening to it walking around the stacks while searching for media booking items.  Of course I listen to it on the way home from work and let’s not forget before I fall asleep at night.  I even got it a little protective case so it doesn’t get scratched.  I may even name it someday, but I don’t know if I want to go there, yet.  I am in love with this thing. Well, rest assure, the first thing I did yesterday when I got home was charge it so that it would be ready for today.  As a closing note,  I thought I would share with you all what I am currently listening to:  Gretchen Wilson- her album, Here for the Party (and I promise- this is the only country music on my iPod!) ~Tricia 🙂