Join Our Student Advisory Group

Last week the Library’s new Student Advisory Group met for the second time. The group’s charge is to discuss and give feedback on issues concerning Library services and facilities. Participation in this group is a way for students to voice their concerns and participate in planning for new services and programs. Every student is welcome to join the Advisory Group. If you are interested, please contact Lesley Milner at or by phone at 617-373-4920. The following items were discussed: • The Library is partnering with the SGA on a pilot project to provide laptop computer locks for loan from the circulation desk. The pilot project will try and determine if having locks available for laptop computers would benefit students by reducing the opportunity for theft. We will start with providing locking capabilities at 10 tables on the first floor and the service will be available later this month. The Library will send out an announcement when the locks are available to be borrowed. A follow-up survey would be conducted to poll users as to their perceived value. • Students are still having problems with the temperature in the building. We reviewed the procedures for reporting area temperatures in the building when it is too hot or too cold. Either call Building Services at X2757, or report it to the staff at the Circulation Desk on the first floor. • The need was expressed to have more hours with fresh food available for purchase in the Cyber Café. Discussions have been had with Dining Services, the department that manages the Café, and this concern will be added to our future improvement planning processes. • We need to improve our communication. Ideas for the best ways to contact students and to post information included Blackboard, Facebook, the NU student portal, and campus e-mail. • Good news! Everyone raved about how great wireless printing was in the Library and how it eliminated waiting in long lines to get your print jobs from the InfoCommons. As a result of this discussion, the Library is putting together a new publicity campaign to increase student awareness of this great new service. • Opinions were expressed to expand the number of lockers available to students and to make a group of lockers available to undergraduate students as well as graduate students. • Actively ask for student feedback. The need is there to survey students about services and proposed changes in services and facilities at the library. The group offered to facilitate surveys as the need arose.