Happy Birthday Houdini

Many of you may have noticed today that Google is honoring the 137th birthday of Harry Houdini! So, in the spirit of the great illusionist, I thought I would see what we could uncover on the subject. Here’s what I discovered: Born as Erik Weisz, Houdini immigrated from Hungary when he was four years old. His most famous tricks involved making mind-boggling escapes from potato sacks dangling from bridges or glass cases filled with water. One of his most famous tricks is known as Metamorphosis. Houdini would be tied into a sack and locked into a trunk, a curtain would close and when it would reopen, Houdini would be on the stage and his assistant would be in the trunk. All of these facts, and many more can be found by searching “Harry Houdini” in the journal/article discovery search on the library’s website. Or search NuCat for books and resources on Houdini.