Husky ID Swipe Survey Starting April 11th

Many of you may remember the first issue of the card swipe machines that were put out early this year. Well, we found that many Husky ID cards were either damaged or inactive, causing some back up at the front door. To help eliminate this problem for students, faculty, staff and alumni of Northeastern, the Husky ID office is setting up a survey in Snell Library to identify and fix the number of cards that are running into these issues. We will be assisting the office with their survey starting on Monday, April 11th by placing four card swipe machines at the library entrance and testing each person’s card as they enter the building. With a quick swipe, the Husky ID staff will be able to tell if your card needs to be replaced or adjusted, however, no matter the result, you will still be allowed entry into the building. If your card swipe results in an error, you may be contacted in the future about replacing your card with a new Husky ID. If you do not have your Husky ID you will still be asked to show some form of identification, such as driver’s license, and sign in. If you have any questions please contact Lesley Milner at