I just read about this rather nifty piece of hardware over at Its called the iTwin and here is what Cnet has to say about it:
“iTwin is a two-piece bit of USB hardware that acts as a “cableless cable” allowing two computers to connect and share files as long as they have an Internet connection. There’s nothing to set up, since both halves of the device are paired together and stay constantly connected. Users just plug it in, and can begin dropping files large and small into a shared folder.
The product will be available beginning early next year for $99, and comes with two paired sides that interlock when not in use. If users lose one of the two sides, they can lock down their account with an SMS message, or by disconnecting the other piece. They can also purchase an additional side, which can be re-paired.”
Seems like a good idea to me but the price tag is a bit on the high side. As with all things of this nature we have to see if it ever makes it to market.