Extensive journal content purchased through Elsevier backfiles

Good news!  The Library now provides online access to an additional 3-4 decades of scholarly research and knowledge. The online “backfiles” are now available for the following Elsevier journals in the ScienceDirect database : Nuclear Physics A  (Includes Nuclear Physics):  1956-1994 Nuclear Physics B:   1967-1994 Journal of Chromatography A:  1958-1994 Tetrahedron:  1957-1994 Physics Letters B (Includes Physics Letters):  1962-1994 Journal of Molecular Biology:  1966-1994 Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A  (Includes Nuclear Instruments; Nuclear Instruments and Methods; and Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research):  1957-1994 Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications: 1960-1994 Physica A (Includes Physica): 1934-1994 Experimental Cell Research:  1950-1994 Developmental Biology: 1959-1994 Journal of Alloys and Compounds (Includes Journal of Less Common Metals): 1959-1994 Discrete Mathematics: 1971-1994 This content can be found by searching individual titles in TDNet (the ejournal finder) and also by searching the ScienceDirect database.  You will also be able to link to this content when searching any of the major databases on the A-Z list  that have a “check for full text” link in the record. I hope you enjoy these resources and the new access!