All Around I See it Changing

Tech Magnate Google has decided to at least beta test another game changer. On Wednesday Sept 30th, Google launched the beta test of Google Wave. Now what is Google Wave we may be inclined to ask? Well, no one really knows. What is known is that it uses something the engineers refer to as “waves” of data which is apparently revolutionary and that the product will be open source and able to grow and evolve through User developed extensions. Google launched it’s beta test to about 100,000 accounts, and some, like myself are still clamoring for an invite to this new internet platform. But Google has managed to create  rampant demand for something which most people can’t even understand what exactly it does. But, the company has a proven track record of being innovative and making things far superior then other available solutions, FOR FREE. Google provides a video here explaining what Google Wave is. Apparently it is quite lengthy so grab yourselves a bowl of popcorn, and  there are no commericals. Also for any of you out there reading please contact me if you have any extra invites.