February 22-26 is Fair Use Week!

ARL-FairUseWeek-White-Logo This week marks the third annual celebration of Fair Use Weekan opportunity for libraries and other advocates to highlight the importance of fair use as a limitation to copyright law. The doctrine of fair use (or fair dealing, as it is known in some other countries) allows for the use of copyrighted materials without permission from the copyright holder. It’s been in the news quite a bit lately, with both the HathiTrust and Google Book Search digitization projects being determined to be fair use, but it’s a part of regular, everyday life as well. Fair use is something worth celebrating! Do you have a question about fair use, or anything else about copyright? Get in touch with me at h.corbett@neu.edu. Fair Use Week on Social Media Fair Use Infographic The Association for Research Libraries has updated their infographic about fair use from last year. The new one, Fair Use in a Day in the Life of a College Student (PDF), is specifically about college students and fair use, and it’s really interesting—students encounter examples of fair use in way more places than in class…like while they’re watching TV, taking a selfie, or enjoying fanfic.