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A Visual Dictionary

Graphic designers are always trying to think of ways to visually communicate to the public effectively. Hence when I stumbled across an article while reading the Huntington News this morning, I was intrigued. Lindley Warren, an Iowa native who currently resides in Amsterdam, thought up the idea of “The Photographic Dictionary”. On this site, people regularly send her photos of everything and anything that depict a word in the dictionary, ranging from colors to emotions to everyday objects. After browsing through many of the photographs, it is quite interesting to see what different people’s perceptions of the world are :). Interested? Here is the website:

Welcome to Snell Snippets!

It is delightful to spread the word that Northeastern University Libraries now has a blog (you’ve got it, right here!), with a talented team of bloggers.  These bloggers aim to share with you insightful ponderings about information and society, digitial initiatives, leadership in libraries, research sources, reading picks, and much more.  We also want to hear from you!  Please join us in this online conversation.  So, watch this space! Be well and go well, Maria Carpenter, Northeastern University Libraries

MLA PR Awards

The Massachusetts Library Association (MLA) presented the 19th Biennial Public Relations Awards to the winning applicants at the Association’s Annual Conference at the MassMutual Center in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Winners were chosen by a panel of independent judges from the public relations, press, and library fields.  Evaluation criteria included graphic design, originality, and presentation.  Over 100 entries were submitted. 

Northeastern University Libraries  received First Prize for two entries, the Libraries’ 2008 Annual Report and a poster for the Meet the Author program, “My African Horse Problem,” featuring Northeastern University Professor William Miles.  Maria Carpenter, Director of Advancement and Marketing, and Emily Sabo, Advancement and Marketing Assistant, were presented with a certificate by MLA Public Relations Committee Co-Chairs at the Public Relations Awards Ceremony.  Carpenter said “It is an honor to receive recognition for the collective efforts by many,” upon learning about the award. The annual report was created by Heather Stirling, Rebecca Merz, Emily Sabo, Michael Silva, Maria Carpenter, with assistance from Bruce Ployer and Denis Skarep.  Photos were by Tom Kates, Craig Bailey, and members of the Libraries’ Programming and Communications Committee.  The poster was designed by Heather Stirling, who is a undergraduate student at Northeastern and was a recent graphic design co-op at Northeastern University Libraries.  

50 Books for Our Times

Debbie Pennino directed me towards another book list, by Newsweek on “50 Books for Our Times.”  It certainly gave me a few more ideas for books to pick up.  I was a bit disappointed by how few female authors they included; it looked like less than 15%.  But on the list was Snell Library favorite Geraldine Brooks and Pat Barker’s Regeneration trilogy, which I’m currently finishing up, and would strongly suggest.  You can pick up all three volumes at Snell!

Book Burning

I saw this article on book burning that I thought might be of interest (“A teen book burns at the stake”).  A group of citizens in West Bend, Wisconsin has been trying to remove Baby Be-Bop from the shelves of their public library.  When the Library Board decided not to comply with their request, it looks like several members of the board were ousted.  Another group, the Christian Civil Liberties Union, has filed a lawsuit against the town and library, and have called for the book to be publically burned. The author in question, Francesca Lia Block, is actually one Natalie had mentioned earlier.