Snell Library

Work on the First Floor of Snell Library

Work has begun on the first floor with an eye to removing the old reference desk to make way for a new area with seating that focuses on leisure reading, with bestsellers, literary fiction, graphic novels, DVDs, and prize-winning non-fiction all in the same place. (Research assistance is still available, but is now accessible on the second floor of the Library.) We hope that work will be finished by the time spring semester classes start.

Recording Studios open for business at the DMDS

The Digital Media Design Studio (DMDS) has two recording studios available for student use. Based on your equipment needs, you may be required to book an appointment with a DMDS staff person while using the audio and video recording studios. Studio Guidelines 1. No food or beverages are allowed in the studios. 2. All users of the studios must have a current NU ID. Audio Recording Studio- Room 208 The soundproof studio seats up to five people comfortably. Software includes GarageBand and Logic Pro. Hardware includes a MacPro, a 4-channel Mackie mixing board, an Oxygen 8 USB midi keyboard, and a condenser microphone. Video Recording Studio- Room 210 The soundproof studio accommodates individuals and small groups. A green screen is mounted on the wall. A professional quality three-point lighting kit is also available for use by appointment only, in the DMDS. The Video Recording Studio can be used simultaneously with the Audio Studio, depending on your production needs. Copyright and appropriate use Use of the DMDS is governed by NU’s appropriate use policy and by copyright law. For more information consult this link:

Library FAQs

Associate Dean Lesley Milner had a great idea to try and incorporate a list of Frequently Asked Questions into the “Library Suggestions” part of the blog. Handling the suggestions, I’m familiar with some of them. Often, the library is contacted by members of the public who are looking to see if they might have access to the library. (Which they are as long as they present a current photo ID and sign in at the library’s security desk. They are also required to abide by the Library’s conduct policy and the University’s computer use policy, available on the library website). Are there questions you frequently encounter that you’d like to see included?