Reference Materials Being Moved in Snell Library

Starting this week, the reference materials on the first floor will be moved to the second, third and fourth floors. This means that from now on, Library users will be able to find their reference books either next to the Research Assistance desk on the second floor or in the Stacks and Oversize areas on the third and fourth floors. Because the materials are being divided, it will be best to use NUCAT to find a desired book. Currently, some books have been moved to the Oversize and Stacks areas. On Thursday, relocation of books to the second floor is expected to begin. This operation means that out of date materials are being removed. However, some materials are being transferred to our online collections. We ask that nobody remove any of the paper slips from the reference books during this time, as they are vital to the relocation. All books are expected to be relocated by the early fall. Please contact Lesley Milner at if you have any questions. The great movement begins!