To Naxos and Beyond

  (Above: Johann Sebastian Bach, his printed Naxos subscription in hand) Note: This is the definitive version of the Naxos post, with full instructions. Are you a fan of Bach? Handel? Debussy? You should check out Naxos, one of our many Alumni Resources at Snell. It is a music library  tailored towards fans of Classical Music.  If you go to the Naxos website ( you can find such a wide array of composers and songs (over 615,000 songs), that you might feel overwhelmed, but there is no need to worry; Naxos organizes itself in to categories of Composers, Genres and a search engine for specific song titles. Although Naxos is, ostensibly, a Classical Music  site,  the site is now expanding to other genres. An impressive Jazz collection has been established, categrorized under both “Contemporary Jazz” and “Jazz Greats.”  There is a new application Naxos has recently started; now you can upload music on to your iPhone, iPad or iTouch. First you must register with Naxos, then you may begin streaming playlists on to your phone. You can create your own playlists. Students (users) have the ability to create a student playlist account and build their own, private playlists. To do this, they need to access the NML as usual, click on the Playlist tab at the top of the page, then click “Sign-up.”To register for Naxos, you must vist  (if you are off-campus, use myNEU credentials to log in). Click on the Playlist tab, then click “Sign Up.” (If nothing happens the first time you click, click again).  The user will be asked to enter his/her name, email address, and to create a password. Once (s)he has created a student playlist account, (s)he will be able to login to the account and build an unlimited number of playlists from any piece within the Naxos Music Library. (Playlists are limited to 60 tracks or 4 hours–whichever comes first–for loading and streaming optimization.) The same login will be used for both the student playlist account AND the iPhone app. While the NML app version 2.0 allows users to search and stream as if logged in on their computer, building and editing playlists must still be done on a computer. You must have iTunes version 9 to use this app. You can download the iPhone app by visiting  For now, playlists may only be created online, rather than on one’s phone. Naxos may change this in later editions of the iPhone app.  Northeastern playlists will be created in the near future, which all Naxos users of the NU community will be able to view.   Naxos can be found on the Alumni Resources page.  For technical assistance with Naxos please contact: (Special thanks to Naxos Customer Relations representative Anne Benson for providing crucial information for this post.)

How we get information

This is my first post.  So, hello.  I’m Ethan.  I work as an Administrative Assistant in the Dean’s Office of the Library.  When I’m not working, I am also a graduate student at the Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science.  Most of my blog posts will likely relate to what I am learning in school. The issue of how people receive and use information is a hot topic in the Library/Information Science community.  It is with this topic in mind that I stumbled upon a blog post from the New York Times culture blog ArtsBeat. It seems that the auction house Christie’s has created an iPhone app that allows users to browse their collections.  I won’t go into too much detail but I would recommend reading the article.  Fortunately, people now have access to Gucci hand bags, with a starting bid of $4,086, in the palm of their hand.