argo tea

Public Service Announcement: Coffee.

Big news. Important news. The Starbucks in Curry is closing this afternoon and will stay closed through the day tomorrow. That’s right, all day on Friday. (And our own local Argo Tea isn’t open, officially, until Monday.)

We need other options, what’s your backup? Peet’s in IV, Dunkin’ in Ryder? Espresso Royale (Gasp! all that way to Gainsborough St…)

What will we do?!

Argo Tea Construction Underway

Construction is underway as Snell Library’s CyberCafe gets transformed into Boston’s first ArgoTea. ArgoTea offers a variety of specialty beverages derived from an assortment of global teas and coffee. There’s one for everyone! From sweet and fruity to dark and bitter with a little bit of everything in between- you’re sure to be satisfied! As with any construction comes a little (or a lot!) of noise, so please excuse the additional auditory effects in the library as construction is completed. ArgoTea is expected to open the first week of August! Get a head start and choose your favorite beverage by checking out the menu online: Any questions or concerns about the construction of ArgoTea can be directed to Frank Mahoney, Director of Special Projects, at

Argo Tea Coming Soon to Snell

We are excited to announce that Argo Tea will be replacing the Cyber Cafe on the first floor of Snell Library this Fall! As Dining Services has announced, construction will begin this month to ensure it is ready for the first day of classes in September. For those of you who haven’t heard of Argo Tea, the business originated in Chicago in 2003, and was created by Arsen Avakian, Daniel Lindwasser, and Simon Simonian. Their cafes offer a variety of black, white, green, and natural herbal teas, coffees, and an assortment of baked goods and small entrees. In addition to their healthy menu options, Argo Tea has made continuous donations of white teas to the University of Chicago’s Hospitals to contribute to Cancer Research efforts. To read more about Argo Tea and their menu offerings visit Stop by this fall and check it out!