New Directions

      We have a number of new students blogging for Snell Snippets now; among them are Rachel Holt, Michelle Beiter and Joe Bober, all recent hires in the Advancement office. Brendan Ratner, also work study, will continue to blog, and who knows who else will come on board. As long as everybody makes sure to keep us updated on Library news and events, in particular the Meet the Author Series, we should be good.          I am glad to be introducing these new contributors and sad to say that this day (Friday, the 17th) is my last day and that this will be my last post on this blog. All questions about the blog should from now on be directed to Karen Merguerian ( or Maria Carpenter ( Thanks everybody who has contributed throughout my time here, and keep posting. –Damon G

8 Blog Commandments

Dear Blog Contributers/soon to be contributers: As a follow up to what I discussed at the PCC meeting, here is a blog checklist for things people can keep in mind when they post to the blog. A version of this is also posted to the Programming and Communications Folder, under the Blog section. Things to make sure you do when writing a blog post: 1. Compose the post: Use lots of short paragraphs instead of one long paragraph (if you are quoting from another source, edit it down/summarize if it is too long. 2. Add a lot of links. 3. Make the title direct and catchy. For example, Damon Griffin did not title his summer reading exhibit post “Books to read this summer” he titled it, “Summertime, Living’s Easy.” While this is catchy, a more direct title might be “Summertime, reading’s easy.” 4. If you are adding a photograph: Either drag it directly from the window in to the body of the post (this works for images from google), or use the photo upload icon—the square at the top of the post box—if it’s from the hard drive. 5. To Embed a Video: If it is too long to upload with the video upload icon, please refer to Karen for help. This will involve going in to the html. 6. Before submitting the post for review, proofread for spelling and grammer. 7. Add categories this post pertains to, and at least 3 tags. 8. Comment on other posts as often as you can. More comments means more discourse.

Welcome to Snell Snippets!

It is delightful to spread the word that Northeastern University Libraries now has a blog (you’ve got it, right here!), with a talented team of bloggers.  These bloggers aim to share with you insightful ponderings about information and society, digitial initiatives, leadership in libraries, research sources, reading picks, and much more.  We also want to hear from you!  Please join us in this online conversation.  So, watch this space! Be well and go well, Maria Carpenter, Northeastern University Libraries