Test-Drive the Chicago Manual of Style Online!

Many of us are familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) and use it as a reference while writing. Now Snell Library is providing online access to the CMOS’s 15th and 16th editions in one easy location. New online-only features include:
  • Being able to search the CMOS and specify either the 15th or 16th edition
  • A Q&A section that answers those tricky questions as submitted by users — including a place to submit your own questions
The 16th edition, published in 2010, is updated for the digital age. All of us have run across one of those pesky hard-to-answer citation questions. “How do I reference a Twitter post? What about a blog entry? Or a podcast?” For those of you who are editors or writers, there is now an electronic editing checklist to help you in your online editing ventures. Don’t forget to check out Northeastern University Libraries’ access to the AMA Manual of Style, and here is a general guide to MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE styles.

Newsflash: My personal blog

Hi all inquiring minds, I just want to take this short opportunity to let readers of this blog know that I have my own personal blog, unrelated to the library or Northeastern, at This blog is all about Movies, generally speaking. I write a lot of film criticism, though also stuff that can’t really be called film criticism, just writing about films. Those who are not very interested in Movies will probably not find anything of consistent interest, though I’d encourage Cinema Studies, Comm Studies and Journalism Majors in particular to check it out. On this blog, I have covered certain films available in Snell, such as many films in the Criterion Collection, Stan Brakahge’s Films,  W.R:Mysteries of the Organism,  as well as the magazine Sight & Sound, which can be found in Snell’s magazine section on the second floor. I also update the blog according to the errors that I find, and I try to write something new at least three times a month. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.