Cell Phones

Advances in barcode technology

Our collegues across the river at the MIT Camera Culture lab have created a new barcode technology called Bokodes. Bokode You can see a description at this link: http://web.media.mit.edu/~ankit/bokode/ Also the BBC has picked up on this story http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/8170027.stm The interesting thing about this is that this new technology could change the way libraries track assets such as books and media. However, the conversion cost may not be practical since the standard 3 of 9 barcode system has been in use for decades and converting millions of physical items to a new system is a daunting task. I would compare this conversion as similar to converting from Dewey Decimal to Library of Congress.

The Dangers of Cell Phones?

I have a few friends who use Bluetooth headsets, and one told me an upsetting story about her sister’s friend, who was a day trader and constantly on her cell phone, and who developed a brain tumor, allegedly due to the radiation.  (According to her, the headset prevents this exposure).  While I still use my cell phone regularly (how can you not?), I do sometimes feel a little nervous about it.  Cell phones are so omnipresent-it’s hard to imagine modern life without them.  I was quite worried when I read this article on the dangers of mobile phones-particularly for pregnant women and children.  It left me wondering, are mobile phones the cigarettes of the future?