Staff News: Donna Kennedy and Brian Greene

Donna Kennedy has assumed a new role within the Research & Instruction Department in order to increase support and research assistance for the School of Education, as it expands its graduate certificate, degree, and distance learning programs. Donna has held many positions at the University over her 34 years of service. She has relocated to 270 Snell Library and retained her phone extension, 617-373-3197. Brian Greene has been named Head of Access Services. Most recently he was Head of Resource Sharing & Assistant Head Librarian in Access Services. Brian is now a member of the Library Management Team. His office is in 130 Snell Library (behind the Circulation Desk) and he can be reached at 617-373-2401.

Time to Resume Writing Resumes

So it’s Fall 2010; some of us are back from Co-op, some of us fresh off a great summer… The unfortunate ones like me are in class again after having summer classes. The one thing that joins us all together: WE NEED MONEY! I remember hearing before summer started that unemployment figures for the 16-20 age group reached worse-than-Great Depression levels. What that meant was less summer jobs, less party money, and just less fun for all of us students. One of the easiest ways to combat the recession, stay employed, and keep money coming in is to update your resume. Before college, I thought you just have one simple resume that you use for everything and update as you go through life. If those of you reading this are like, well I still think that… you are WRONG. The reality is that your resume should be specifically tailored toward the job you’re applying for, with certain previous experiences and skills highlighted or left out accordingly. It can take a lot of effort and a lot of guesswork to really shine through to employers, but it is the most crucial step to getting an interview or a job. Luckily, Northeastern knows that jobs during and after college are just as important as the education you receive. Hence the co-op program, and hence Career Services walk-in hours! Check out the Walk In Hours from 2pm-4pm Monday through Thursday in 202 Stearns Hall. Someone will be there to give you a 10-15 minute session reviewing your resume. Check out other great resume resources at the Career Services page. And of course, don’t forget the resume help you can get from books in Snell Library!

Students at the Library

This post is not about students who use the library. We all know that tons of students find us useful. This post is about students who work here; some have for many semesters, others have begun only recently. Most are work study students, several are co-ops. Below are their profiles, with pictures. (Co-op Jordan Hellman, 2013) (Graphic Design Co-op Steve Olimpio, 2013) (Work Study student Kristin Richardson, 2011) (Erin Beach, Resource Sharing) (Vicky Lucas, part time worker, circulation) (Joyce Lin, DMDS co-op) If there is anybody I missed who wishes to be profiled, please let me know. I’m sure there are. (Unfortunately for my ego, I can’t profile myself. No longer a student.)