Help keep the busiest bathrooms on campus clean

Not to brag, but I think the Library tops the charts in terms of traffic in our restrooms making our bathrooms the busiest on campus! We try our best so that you can’t tell. To keep up with the number of bathroom visitors this Fall, NU House and Grounds have stepped up their efforts to keep the facilities clean with more frequent service (and a record of when it鈥檚 been provided), paper-free hand driers designed to be both green and mess eliminators, and the installation of locks on bathroom doors to ensure a really thorough cleaning. That being said, cleanliness is a joint effort amongst all library users – students, faculty, staff, etc. While bathroom etiquette seems like a no-brainer there have been some interesting messes in the past. Here are some tips on how to make sure the restrooms stay user friendly 馃檪 1. Do not dispose of food in the toilets or anything besides what is intended of being disposed in a toilet. 2. Avoid pressing the ‘flush’ button with your foot. This damages the flushing mechanism. Here’s a tip! Use a piece of toilet paper to press the button so you avoid touching it with your hand. 3. Paper, paper, paper. Please, be green and take only what you need. Do not leave paper on the floor, use the trash can. 4. Shut off the water when you are done using the sink. If you spill, pick up after yourself. 5. And finally, if you see a problem, report it. Call x2754 (NU Work Control) or submit a request online at www.workreq.neu.edu.

Shout out to Huntington News

Please see this recent news item from the Huntington News on our 24/7 service. Thanks to Jenna Duncan for getting this put up. Also see this editorial (which I was informed of by way of a comment) on the Northeastern Facilities Department, which praises the 24/7 service, if cautiously. http://huntnewsnu.com/2010/07/husky-happenings-11/ http://huntnewsnu.com/2010/07/editorial-if-the-university-operated-more-like-facilities/ I’m glad to see that we’re getting press, even over the summer. -Damon G