Jay Leno show

The Green Car Challenge

electriccar If you have any interest in all-electric cars you might want to check out Jay Leno’s new show on NBC this week.  Electric cars now have not only Ed Begley but another celebrity ally, so tune into his new weekly segment called the Green Car Challenge . Every week he will be having celebrity guests race in a special protype of the all-electric Ford Focus. Drew Barrymore will be the first celeb at the wheel. I wonder how she will do. Of course the Focus BEV(battery-electric vehicle) won’t be on the market till 2011, but if your interested in it check out HybridCars.com for some specs on it. It has a single-speed transmission and can run for 100 miles before needing to have its battery plugged in for a recharge. Maybe the only downside is that  recharging the battery could take from 6-12 hours. Major car companies are jumping on board with all-electric vehicles: Nissan Leaf and Dodge Circuit are two examples that should be on the market in the next few years.