Snell gets a permanent upgrade!

In addition to the already available group study rooms located throughout Snell, four new media:scape tables were recently installed on the first floor for all members of the University to use. These high-tech tables are an efficient, modern approach to increase effective group interaction by allowing all students to engage in the project and freely share their ideas. So how exactly do these media:scape tables work? Each station is equipped with one or two monitors which students can use to display their laptop screens by simply plugging it into a central outlet. With a stylish layout of tables and chairs, students can both relax and communicate with one another while their group work is projected on the large monitor. Through these new media:scape tables, information is now easier to convey and display to group mates all while students are sitting in one of the comfortable ergonomic seats. What is so unique about the new media:scape tables is that they are a direct result of what Northeastern students requested! Last fall, Snell sampled a table for about three months to observe how often students used it, if at all. The feedback that Snell Library received was overwhelmingly positive, confirming that the media:scape tables would definitely be a worthwhile investment. These new media:scape tables offer students an innovative, learning environment, which is what the Library aspires to create. Currently, the Library and University is eager to explore more ways to utilize its study space and equipment, but these permanent stations have definitely put us on the right path to do so. If you’ve used one of our tables, let us know about your experience by filling out our data collection survey! Click here to fill it out. For more information about the media:scape stations, please visit here!

Where can I study?! April 25

For all you students trying to hunker down and study in Snell today, you might be slightly thrown off if you can’t find your usual study spot or table on the second floor. Never fear! In preparation for the Snell Library 20th Anniversary Celebration, some of the tables and chairs that usually live on the second floor have been temporarily relocated to the back of the first floor. If you’re having trouble locating a space, please feel free to ask a librarian or staff member for assistance, and don’t forget to stop by and celebrate with us! The festivities begin at 2pm in the lobby on the first floor.

Announcing All Floor 24/7

Students who have experienced frustration over a lack of time or places to study need fear no more. We are pleased to announce that beginning the evening of July 5th, Snell Library will be open twenty-four hours a day while classes are in session for current students, faculty and staff. For over a year, as a direct result of student demand, the first floor of the Library has been open 24×7. This access has proved a huge success with students. Based on this success, by expanding 24×7 access to all floors, the Library will better serve students who need to stay up late studying and who can also access a wider variety of resources than those available on the first floor. Associate Dean for User Services, Lesley Milner said, “The Library has worked closely with student government, student employees at Snell Library, and frequent library users, to get their input to create optimal library hours and study space, for which there is always demand. For students, the resounding response was anytime, day and night, and as much space as possible.  Dean of Libraries, Will Wakeling shared, “We want to give students what they need to succeed in their academic careers— and of course we are delighted that students want 24 hour access to the Snell library building, which complements our suite of online library research tools and resources.” For security purposes students, faculty, and staff are required to present and carry with them a valid Northeastern ID at all times. The public and alumni are welcome to use the Library during previously regularly scheduled hours. Funding for All Floor 24×7 has been provided by the Office of the Provost. See for more information about hours and usage of Snell Library. For questions about this change please contact Lesley Milner at A new era has dawned.