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March Madness at Snell!

March Madness: Helpful Hints for a Successful Semester Spring break has come and gone and now students are gearing up for their own March Madness—that final stretch of the semester when the weeks race by and then, BAM, papers are due and final exams have arrived. Ready or not, it’s time to start getting research together for whatever projects you may have and Snell Library is here to help you find what you need. Check out the hints below to learn how Snell can help you get the wheels in motion: Ask a Librarian! Seriously—they know their stuff about digging up the research you need and not to brag, but I think our staff here at Snell is pretty exceptional. And really easy to get in touch with! You can meet them at the reference desk on the library’s second floor or you can email, text, and chat with librarians online. Group projects. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re a fact of life for many students. The first floor (especially the Cyber Café) is a great place to meet up and divvy up assignments. You can also book a group study room right on the library website. Finding Books and Articles. Sometimes that obscure book about realist perspective on the development of the dessert banana just isn’t available here on campus. Fortunately, interlibrary loan can help you get the things you need. You can also apply for a Boston Library Consortium card if you want to go raid BU’s bookshelves yourself. But remember, the card takes up to a day to process and it can take a little time for an article to be scanned and uploaded for you from another library. Start thinking about the research you need now so you can bang out that paper come April. Collecting citations. Creating a bibliography has never been easier. Northeastern provides a subscription to EndNote (ideal for grad students) and Refworks.com (perfect for undergraduates and researchers looking to share sources). Check out this post by Amanda to get started. Wireless Printing. You’ve burned the midnight oil, your paper is done, and you’re ready to print. Thanks to new software that you can download from myneu.com, you can send documents straight to the library’s printers from your own laptop. This can be especially helpful when you’re printing out a paper five minutes before it’s due. Not that any of us students do that… Phew! Well, I hope this list helps you out. Take it easy on those late night cups of coffee and stay tuned to Snippets for more hints on how to take advantage of everything our libraries have to offer. Good luck with the rest of your spring semester!

Hey Students: Tired of Waiting for an InfoCommons Computer Just to Print?

You should try wireless printing! Thanks to NU Information Services, you can download a software client to your personal computer that enables remote printing on-campus and off-campus. To get the software, log into your myNEU account while on your personal computer and follow these steps: 1. Click on the ‘Self-Service’ tab. Under the ‘Study and Course Resources,’ find  the ‘Software Downloads’ link. 2. Choose ‘Virtual Print Client for Free Print Allowance System’ for your computer (Windows or Mac). 3. Follow the installation instructions. When you print your file, select the “HP BW” printer (for jobs with 30 pages or less) or “Canon High Volume” for jobs with more than 30 pages. 4. The print job will stay in queue for 36 hours, and it can be printed at one of the InfoCommons printing stations in that 36-hour period. If you have Windows, there’s the option for a 32bit client and 64bit client. Most computers will use a 32bit, but if you’re not sure which one you need, or if you have any other questions, call the Help Desk at 617-373-4357.