The Story of Stuff

This is probably the most delightful video I’ve seen in at LEAST two days. It talks about the environmental and social impact that occurs at each stage of the production/consumption of goods. It’s cute and funny and personable, but it also goes remarkably in-depth into the issue of, as Annie Leonard calls it, ‘Stuff’. This little video covers where it (stuff) comes from, how it’s processed, how it’s consumed, and how it’s discarded – things that are easily forgotten in that intial flush of excitement after purchasing a new little ipod or trinket. It makes me very guilty about my own obscene, unnecessary collection of random stuff. Just last night, for example, I bought seven sheets of handmade artisan wrapping papers from Papyrus. Why? No reason other than they were pretty (they really are so incredibly pretty) – and now they are sitting on my shelf as glaring, accusatory reminders of my own role as significant contributor to society’s manic, superfluous consumption of ‘stuff’. Sigh.

4 thoughts on “The Story of Stuff”

  1. Natalie — cool video! Except yeah, now I feel guilty about just about everything. But thanks very much for sharing this. (BTW, the first link, “This,” is misdirected. Luckily the one at the end works.)

  2. Wow Natalie.. great video.. and do I have LOTS and LOTS of STUFF and everytime I re-cycle a bag I seem to think that it is OK to go out and purchase some more STUFF..maybe I need to re-cycle my STUFF room into a dining room or extra bedroom.oh well I need to get more trash bags to re-cycle

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