Barcodes in art & design

I came upon this really cool blog post at Dark Roasted Blend, a site devoted to “weird & wonderful things”. Well this is pretty wonderful. Usually when you see barcodes, you think of consumerism and mass-produced objects that lack individual character, so this post refreshing for me personally. The cute barcode designs at the beginning are distinctly Japanese, and they actually ended up being used on packaging for grocery items. When you scroll down to the designs created by Art Lebedev, a Russian design studio, the barcode is translated into several arrangements with different objects with a long, vertical structure such as icicles and kebab skewers. Further down are examples of the barcode being used on as large a scale as the facade of a building and just below is it being used on a small scale as composite of barcodes to create a photorealistic work.

2 thoughts on “Barcodes in art & design”

  1. Yup, those barcode designs are cool. I saw them a while ago when a friend of mines stumbled upon it. I am referring to when I say stumbled upon. Stumbleupon is a great way to find interesting websites. I think you will love it if you like finding cool websites.

  2. These are really neat. Wow wouldnt it be great to have some on some of our books and see what comments were made by our clientelle.Adding these to our library materials after cataloging them would certainly make my day brighter.

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