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How is everyone commuting these days? The price of gas is going up, and I keep reading articles about people who are switching to bicycles and scooters and public transportation for their commutes. Not sure I’m seeing much difference in bike/foot traffic around here, since I think many people switch to bikes in the summer anyway.  I usually take the T myself, but what prompts me to think about change is that today I decided to try a different route that took me directly to the Orange Line. Turns out that was a great plan on two fronts: it was a shorter commute AND there was a fire or something at Porter Square that caused a lot of delays on the Red Line. Too bad I didn’t think about checking for alternative routes earlier! Anyone else making a change?

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  1. I’ve actually been experimenting with my commute lately too. I’ve been walking across the Mass Ave. bridge, and then taking the bus or M2 shuttle from MIT to Harvard Square. It’s been working alright–but can sometimes seem like a long walk! Still, I’ve been trying to get outside more, particularly while it’s light out late, in the summertime.

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