Summer Reading exhibit needs your suggestions!

To all blog visitors/posters: We are in the process of creating a summer reading exhibit to go in the large display case just off the lobby of Snell Library. Please leave comments here with any suggestions for books that you would recommend as summer reads. For the sake of popular wisdom (I may be saying this more as a reminder to myself than anybody else), please suggest books that are fast-paced, accessible, maybe cinematic reads. We will include several new releases, but also older books that stand the test of summer-reading time. We want to include mostly books that are on the shelves in Snell. Look forward to reading your suggestions.

1 thought on “Summer Reading exhibit needs your suggestions!”

  1. I’d recommend the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman. The first book is The Golden Compass. Another suggestion is anything from the Wallander series by Henning Mankel. We have Firewall. Several of the books in this series have been adapted by the BBC and aired on PBS.

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