Summertime, living’s easy

Our summer reading display is up. Go to the lobby and check out the large display case. All the visuals and designs are courtesy of Krissy Lattanzio. I still am debating putting some actual books up in the case, but not every book mentioned. I feel this would help grab people’s attention and make the display jump out. So there may be more to come.

1 thought on “Summertime, living’s easy”

  1. Keep your eye on the new book lists that the library generates every week!

    This week, the new book about Barak Obama (“The Bridge”) by David Remnick of New Yorker fame arrived, along with the new translation of Simone de Bouvoir’s “The Second Sex” and Liaquat Ahamed’s expose of the bankers who almost brought down the world economy, “Lords of Finance.” Great big beach books for those long afternoons in Maine!

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