Don’t play with this fire; it’s addictive

So I am almost done reading The Girl Who Played with Fire. Good book. I must say I loved The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but this second novel gets to the heart of the action in the perfect amount of time. Dragon Tattoo had about 100 pages in the beginning that in my opinion could seriously have been reduced or cut out. I am also currently watching the Dragon Tattoo on Netflix. The movie is from 2009 and subtitled since it is a Swedish film. What I was surprised to discover as well was that The Girl Who Played with Fire is currently in theaters! When I was checking out times for the new movie, Inception, I was taken aback! I had no idea that the books had reached such a wide audience that Swedish films were being played in the movie theaters here in the US. I am definitely not going to see this movie until I finish the second book… but it’s a good thing I only have about 100 pages left. I must say something about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie. I was told it was good and I would really like it, but it jumps into the action almost too fast. The slow start that the book had is completely negated by the quick jump that the movie takes. I also think that Lisbeth Salander’s character is seen in a very different light in the movie. In the book, Larsson is able to give context and Lisbeth’s thoughts behind her actions. In the movie she simply comes across as a tattooed, pierced, black-clothes-wearing feminist vigilante. I don’t think the viewers really get an idea of her character. Maybe in the Fire movie you see more of her personality, as the book focuses mostly on her. Overall I am loving the second novel and can’t wait to finish it. The movies… definitely for people who have read the book. Now I’m just waiting for an English version to come out so I don’t have to focus on subtitles!! All three of Larsson’s novels can be found in Snell library… but good luck taking them out… you’ll have to get in line!

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  1. I think the movie of the first book is better than the book itself. The main reason is that needless information from the book is condensed, making the story flow better. I take some issues with the casting for Lisbeth Salander, though. That isn’t what she’s supposed to look like.

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