Publishers improve searching and retrieval

Several of our ejournal and online publishers have launched improved, redesigned web sites over the past weekend.  I’m not sure why all of a sudden everyone’s doing this, perhaps to prepare for the beginning of the academic year. Wiley’s web site, rechristened Wiley Online Library, has a more intuitive interface with neater layout and more white space.  There’s a new search engine to deliver more relevant results, and more options for receiving up-to-date information. If you already had a personal account on Wiley to receive alerts, your account has been migrated to the new system. Table of Contents, EarlyView  and Accepted Article Alerts have all been migrated with your account. Saved searches and saved search alerts were not transferred and will have to be re-created. Lexis-Nexis weighs in with a new interface as well, with more search options on the home page, easier access to “landmark” court cases, and improved navigation.   The Lexis-Nexis change is significant, and because this is a large database with many different types of materials, it may take some getting used to.  If you don’t see something you are looking for, please let us know. Finally our new Discovery service has some cosmetic changes on the results screen, with shadow boxes on the left for refining results and linked databases higher up on the right.  Because this service is currently under development at the NU Libraries, there will be further changes over the next few weeks.