New this week

If you haven’t checked out our new book lists–or subscribed to the rss feed–we publish new lists of new titles every week.  Yes the economy’s bad, but we are still buying new books, journals, CDs and films, and online resources. Here’s a sample of what’s new in the library this week: Since we’re in the season of meteor showers, it might be interesting to look at The Fallen Sky: An Intimate History of Shooting Stars by Christopher Cokinos, a study of the pioneering explorers and eccentrics who’ve become entranced by the meteors and their imprints on earth. Natalie Merchant’s Leave Your Sleep, from our CD collection, is a set of folk songs and nursery-rhyme inspired songs focusing on themes of motherhood and childhood.  Rolling Stone says, “The music is beautiful and the vibe mellow,” and you can hear her talk about it in a radio interview and sample the music here. A number of new titles about alternative energy, including its use in building design, the pioneering promise of nanotechnology in photovoltaics, a history of hybrid cars, and a look at wind energy are also new this week in the library. Finally, there’s my favorite genre: biography.  A biography of Mum Bett, the first slave granted her freedom by a United States court, in Massachusetts in 1781, by arguing that “all men are born free and equal” made her slavery illegal in Massachusetts.  A group biography of presidents Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson also makes its appearance. Check out our other new books, or subscribe to the RSS feed!