Are You a Road Warrior?

As you think about traveling this year, whether for Christmas or spring break, take a look at Global Road Warrior, an online web site available as a trial for Northeastern-affiliated users. Global Road Warrior is supposed to help travelers, especially business travelers, know what to expect when they go to unfamiliar countries. It has information about transportation infrastructure, useful foreign phrases, how to dress, what to see. Details like currency conversion (updated daily) and types of electric plugs are also available. It shies away from recommending particular businesses (like hotels and restaurants). So the real question for us is, after all, this information is free on the internet, so is there a special value to paying for this particular site? Does it stand out in the internet crowd? Bottom line: Is Global Road Warrior worth the library paying for it, for Northeastern users? Try it for yourself, between now and January 9, and let us know what you think.