Making The Library Work For You

(This may Develop into a series depending on how daring I am.)

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m just your friendly neighborhood Journalism major who works in one of the Library’s many offices. So, I find myself sitting here, clicking through the Library looking for something to write about; like many students I have the typical Generation-Y aversion to libraries. But, then I stumbled on something that made me realize I was wrong.

While there is a wealth of information available to us on the internet (I mean it’s even destroying my job prospects as I write this) there is some stuff you just can’t get. My first thought goes to older newspaper articles or back issues of magazines. And, while it is necessary to learn by doing, it is also pertinent to see what some of the greats have done to earn their stripes. Sadly, that is becoming more difficult.

The Library can actually be of tremendous help in that regard. The Library here at Northeastern maintains subscriptions to various databases that have newspapers dating back to 1690 and they have all the Papers of Record dating back until at least 1991(NYTimes, Boston Globe).  Added Bonus: It’s free for students!

So, not only can I meld my love of a good newspaper article with my love of the versatility of the internet, but I can also rid myself of a previously held, and somewhat misguided, notion that libraries are outdated.

As an added bonus, I’m going to read Distinguished Professor Walter V. Robinson’s article which brought the Catholic Church scandal into the limelight in 2002….See if you can find THAT on

2 thoughts on “Making The Library Work For You”

  1. Ryan, as one of the Research & Instruction Librarians here at Snell, I’m very glad to see your misconceptions being dispelled, and even more glad that you are helping to spread the word and dispel those same misconceptions in others! Thanks! 🙂

  2. Ryan, thanks for helping to get this information out. There are a lot of great news sources behind your “older newspaper articles” link – current issues too. Check out especially our new offering Factiva, which includes full text articles from the Wall Street Journal (from 1979 on) and the New York Times (from 1980) as well as thousands of other news sources.

    Julie Jersyk
    NU Libraries Journalism Collection Manager

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