Electric vehicle charging stations

Electric Vehicle Charging Station This is a an addendum to the blog that I did on the Green Car Challenge. California has plans for the world’s first solar-powered, fast-charging, electric car charging corridor. Well done California, they seem to be moving ahead with renewable transportation, solar power and zero emissions. It seems that Solar City and Rabobank are going to be teaming up to create a carbon-free trip for those who own electric vehicles along Highway 101 from San Francisco to Los Angeles, (this is approximately 400 miles.) This means one can now commute long-distances, and use these EV (electric vehicle) charging stations like gas stations. SolarCity will build four Tesla fast-charging stations at Salinas, Atascadero, Santa Maria and Goleta. These four charging stations will provide a full charge in one-third the amount of time of other stations. The hope is that after focusing on cars produced at Telsa Motors, they plan to retrofit these to fit all electric vehicles, eventually making all the stations solar-powered. So with an eye to zero emissions, faster charging times, renewable transportation and wonderful scenery what more could one want?

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