Duma Key

Has anyone had the opportunity to read the latest from Stephen King?  We got a copy from the public library and unfortunately only had 7 days so Joel tried and got bored after about 100 pages.  I actually made it past 100 pages and wanted to keep going but we were good library patrons and returned it on time.  OK so maybe it was a little late.  But I’d be interested to hear if anyone made it to the end and if it’s worth getting back on the waiting list for it.

2 thoughts on “Duma Key”

  1. Hey Rosemary
    The library has a copy in Rec Reading and I don’t see that it has been checked out. So maybe you could get it out and rty again. I am not a fan of Stephen King and have never read any of his books, but maybe I should start. Or maybe not.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Debbie. I actually got a copy of the book from my Sweetie for Valentine’s Day. I finished it last weekend. Of course it took forever because it’s a long King book but I really enjoyed it. I recommend it if you like Stephen King. Any book that has herons flying upside down is a book for me!

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