Just Scan It!

If you are in Snell Library and are frantically looking for a photocopier, stop your searching. Why? Because the library is photocopier free! Yes, that’s right– the old copy machines in the Library were replaced with environmentally-friendly scanners last year.Located on floors 1-4 of the Library, these easy-to-use scanners are a green alternative to copy machines. They help save trees and reduce paper-use by allowing students to save the scanned image to their email, USB flash drive, or Google Docs account, instead of printing out unnecessary and wasteful hard copies of documents. If you still need a paper copy of the scanned document,  it can be emailed and then printed out using the printers at the Library. And the best part? The scanners are absolutely free! Now you don’t have to suffer from a guilt trip every time you want a copy of something– just go green and use the scanning stations instead! If you haven’t yet, use one of the scanning stations today, and feel good about making copies!

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