Oysters and Goats

Sure, we’ve heard all about the Google Goats. And you may have heard about the Andover Goats. Great idea, yes? Use goats to mow down the growth? I recently found out about a similar program for the Boston Harbor. Oysters are being reintroduced to help clear out the water – an oyster can filter 30 gallons of water per day. Amazing! The time lapse video of oysters in the Chesapeake Bay was incredible to watch. Who knew that oysters and goats had so much in common? Now that I know about this project, I am inspired to see if there are any magazine or journal articles that talk more about oysters and ecosystems, or water purification. I bet GreenFILE would be a good database to start with!

2 thoughts on “Oysters and Goats”

  1. Cool — I heard a story on NPR recently about how catfish are being used to clean up swimming pools at foreclosed homes by eating the algae. 馃檪

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