Vital Records, Pt. 1

Vital Records include Birth, Marriage, and Death records. These records as well as others can aid in your research. The information contained in the record depends on the state and how old the record is and you may find that another state has records for the year you are researching, even if your state does not.  The person who gave the information may have not known everything about the person for instance a death record may have a place on it for birth information . This may be left blank if the person giving the information did not know the answer. If you can, double-check the information, as it could be incorrect.  If you are looking for vital records in the United States, a helpful website is one maintained by the CDC.    Divorce records may be of some help and can usually be found at the courthouse near where the couple were living. If you’re interested in geneology, you may be interested in the following resources and government documents: Where to Write for Vital Records Public Records Online