Kale and Smoothies

This summer, I went to Kauai for the first time. It was beautiful, lush, and welcoming; the most casual, chill place I’ve ever been to (basically one road circles the island) with the most amazing little locally-owned food places. They were聽staffed with awesome,聽personable, enthusiastic, hippie types, and stocked with fresh, delicious, local, healthful dishes, drinks, and desserts! I, of course, made the point of getting a smoothie as often as possible – green smoothies! Two of mine were made with a ton of kale, banana, ginger and spirulina. Yum! Now, I’m noticing kale everywhere聽and I plan to buy a big bunch and make up a crazy green ginger smoothie for myself. What else will I use with kale? Quiche? Pasta? Also, I’ve dubbed this semester Smoothie Semester, where I plan to experiment with fruits and veggies you don’t get in your regular smoothie… and see what happens. For more vegetable info at the library, go here. For great green smoothies go here.

2 thoughts on “Kale and Smoothies”

  1. I’ve been getting pretty good at sauteeing kale. It takes forever, but if you throw onions in halfway, they get nicely caramelized. Then put feta on top, which sounds weird, but is salty with the onions’ sweetness, and works.

    Also, I’m eager to make kale chips.

    (I get a lot of kale through my CSA.)

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