Get Started today with SimplyMap-A New Snell Library Trial

simplymap SimplyMap is a very exciting new web-based mapping application that lets you quickly create professional-quality thematic maps and reports, using thousands of US demographic, business and marketing data variables. Want to know the top 10 wealthiest ZIP codes in Massachusetts or Maine? How about the top 25 counties in California with the most elderly residents? With SimplyMap, the answers are at your fingertips. SimplyMap includes all kinds of variables such as consumer expenditures, quality of life, retail sales, CPI, employment, education, income, housing, population, race, language, ethnicity, ancestry and transportation.  All can be built into your map! Note: In order to save your work on SimplyMap, you need to create a free account.  All Northeastern students, faculty and staff are welcome this month to get started and create their accounts and save their work, or download it!  Please create your accounts from on-campus to get started, and then you will be able to use it from home. To get started today, visit the Library’s trial page for SimplyMap

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