Curling up with a good mystery

Picture this, cup of tea, piece of cake, and you curled up on the sofa!  Doing what, you asked?  Reading a great mystery, that’s what!  Haven’t heard of any good titles?  Well do I have one for you!  Heard of James Patterson’s Alex Cross series? No? You don’t know what you’ve been missing.  One of my favorites is The Big Bad Wolf.  While this wolf won’t blow your house down, you may want to lock your doors and check your windows after reading.  Patterson’s characters jump off the pages right into your scary heart.  Enter in Dr. Alex Cross, detective and psychologist all rolled into one.  He’ll need both those skills to help solve the murders he encounters.  Will he be able to? I can’t give away much more of the storyline, but you can read all about the adventures of Alex Cross.  Where, you asked?  Snell Library that’s where.  Check him out, you won’t be disappointed.

2 thoughts on “Curling up with a good mystery”

  1. I always like curling up with a good book, a cup of tea and of course a piece of cake. I too love Patterson as an author especially his books especially the Alex Cross series. I love that I can get them all here at Snell Library

  2. Suzanne DeGregorio

    I look forward to getting acquainted with the Alex Cross series. Thanks for the recommentation.

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