Studying for Finals in Snell: 20 Things Only Huskies Will Understand


Walking into the library like


*2 hours later*


Ok, time to study!…or not


Dealing with the effects of your procrastination in Argo


Trying to share a table with someone who took up all the space


When you find an empty table on the third floor during finals week…


Only to realize it’s under an air vent…


But then remember you brought a sweatshirt


Realizing that your to-do list is longer than you thought


When someone asks what you’re studying


Trying to focus…


Especially when there are people talking in the stairwell…on the silent floor


When you realize that you just spent 3 hours on BuzzFeed for your five minute break


Finishing the problem you’ve been working on for hours


Leaving the library at 3 am and seeing everyone still studying


Running to get home in the middle of the night


Taking the library shuttle home instead


Getting home after being in the library all night


When all those hours in Snell payoff and you ace your exam


Good luck on finals, Huskies! Have a wonderful winter break. We’ll see you in the spring.


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