The Page 69 Test

The Page 69 Test is a fun and easy way to decide whether a novel is right for you. Simply open a book you think you might enjoy to page 69 and read that page. If you enjoy it, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy the rest of the book. So the next time you’re in a bookstore, or here in Snell, try out the Page 69 Test and see if it works for you.

2 thoughts on “The Page 69 Test”

  1. so page 69 of “The Leadership Challenge” says “Write a Tribute to Yourself.” This must be a feel good book. I’ll take it!

  2. Wow Stephanie this is a great idea..and all these years I have been reading the inside of the cover to find this out.
    after reading a few pages I realize that this book is not what I thought it I am really going to try this great 69 here I come

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