20th Anniversary

A Snapshot of Snell's 20th Anniversary

After all the hard work and planning that our library staff put into the 20th Anniversary Celebration, it is good to reflect on such a successful event. Here are some photo memories for your viewing pleasure:

A large crowd showed up for Archivist of the United States David S. Ferriero's talk in Snell's lobby.

The audience was able to ask questions.

As our featured speaker of the afternoon, David Ferriero was presented with a gift by Dean of Libraries Will Wakeling.

After the talk, there was delicious cake available for students who needed a break from studying for their finals.

The VIP guests at the event were invited upstairs to a reception.

President Aoun led everyone in a toast...

...and also cut the celebratory cake with Nancy Caruso (David Ferriero's co-op advisor), Provost Stephen Director, David Ferriero, and Dean Will Wakeling.

A group of Snell Library's major donors in attendance at the event.

Past co-op students Jordan Hellman and Steven Olimpio gave speeches on their experiences working at Snell.

For more information on Snell Library’s 20th Anniversary visit www.lib.neu.edu/20th Photos taken by Mary Knox Merrill

Nation's Archivist Helps Snell Celebrate 20 Years

Yesterday’s celebration of Snell Library’s 20th anniversary was truly a memorable event. Guests gathered in the lobby of Snell to welcome our esteemed speakers: Dean of Libraries Will Wakeling and the 10th Archivist of the United States, David Ferriero, as they spoke of both the history and future of the library, and brought to light the many roles Snell fills in Northeastern’s community. A reception followed and celebrated the library’s staff who have been at Snell since the beginning as well as past authors from Snell’s Meet the Author Series. Special recognition was also made for the library’s largest supporters and members of Snell Library’s building campaign. To read more about the festivities, check out the News@Northeastern coverage of the event here: http://www.northeastern.edu/news/stories/2011/04/snell.html

Where can I study?! April 25

For all you students trying to hunker down and study in Snell today, you might be slightly thrown off if you can’t find your usual study spot or table on the second floor. Never fear! In preparation for the Snell Library 20th Anniversary Celebration, some of the tables and chairs that usually live on the second floor have been temporarily relocated to the back of the first floor. If you’re having trouble locating a space, please feel free to ask a librarian or staff member for assistance, and don’t forget to stop by and celebrate with us! The festivities begin at 2pm in the lobby on the first floor.

Before There Was Snell

In the spirit of celebrating our beloved Snell Library and its 20 years on campus, I thought it might be interesting to see just what our college did without this iconic study center. Believe it or not, all of the books and print resources Northeastern had prior to Snell’s creation (think late 1980’s) were stored in the basement of Dodge Hall! (and you thought things got crowded during finals week here…) Given the less than workable conditions in Dodge and the growing student body, the University contracted a design for a new library to be built through The Architect’s Collaborative. The building was opened in 1990, and cost $35 million dollars to create. The library was named after George and Lorraine Snell, for their philanthropic leadership and contributions to the Northeastern learning community. George Snell graduated from Northeastern in 1941 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and became a supporter of the University in 1970. He passed away in December of 1997, and his wife Lorraine continues to stay involved with the Northeastern University Libraries. On Monday we will gather to celebrate the birthday of Snell Library, and honor the two decades of its service to the students of Northeastern. I encourage you all to join us in celebration with birthday cake and refreshments!

Happy Birthday Snell!

The 20th anniversary celebration of Snell Library is fast approaching, and we couldn’t be more excited! We hope that you will join us on April 25th at 2pm as we gather to celebrate and learn about the outstanding impact Snell Library has made in our community and our vision for its future. We will start our celebration with a talk from Dean of Libraries, Will Wakeling, who will then be followed by our featured speaker David S. Ferriero, the 10th Archivist of the United States. Following the speakers, a VIP reception will be held on the second floor for our RSVP’d guests. Meanwhile, students can take a study break and enjoy  cake served in the Cyber Cafe and also de-stress with soft tissue mobilization sessions (massages) offered in the library lobby. These techniques are provided by the Physical Therapy Club who are trained experts! To attend the afternoon’s events please RSVP to Nina Shah at nin.shah@neu.edu. We hope to see you there!