Goldberg art collection at Snell now online

As part of our celebration of our 20th year, we are highlighting some of the key features, services and collections of Snell Library. One of these features, which we sometimes take for granted, is the collection of paintings that grace our walls. If you stop by 421 in Snell Library and walk around the halls on the fourth floor, you will see a collection of paintings that came from Northeastern alumnus, Arthur S. Goldberg, MEd ’65, a Boston-area businessman who has been an avid collector for more than 30 years.  Now you can enjoy his collection anywhere, anytime, by viewing an online exhibit, designed by Steven Olimpio, a former graphic design co-op student at the library:  The Arthur S. Goldberg Collection at Northeastern.

The MFA: A Great Getaway

In the midst of classes coming to an end, I’ve found myself with a lot of unexpected (but fantastic) free time. At first, I did the usual things- watching T.V., playing addicting games online, and even a weak attempt at playing Xbox, but none seemed to quite capture the awesomeness of the “free-ness” of free time. I took a walk over to the MFA (out of complete desperation) and suddenly found what I was looking for- inspiration. I didn’t realize this, but the MFA is FREE to NU students- at any time! And by the way, the newest exhibition, British Prints, is fantastic, especially if you have an interest in screen-printing. After my MFA visit, I headed over to an art supply store and spent the rest of my weekend painting away. I feel like I’ve tapped into creativity I never knew I had. To top everything off, I checked out a few books on my favorite artists from Snell, so that I have inspiration with me at home. In other words, take a trip out to the MFA the next chance you have some free time, you may learn something about yourself you never knew existed.