2008 Olympics

Has anyone been watching the Olympics?  Which sports do you like best?  I’ve been enjoying watching these Olympic games.  I really liked the opening ceremonies, but I’ve always been an easy mark for big pageantry and production numbers.  I like watching basketball, swimming and gymnastics, and I’m looking forward to seeing more tennis and soccer.  I also hope to get a chance to see some of the less-broadcast sports like equestrian events, badminton, archery and the pentathlon.  On the IOC’s website I also learned about Olympic sports of the past, including polo, rugby and tug-of-war, which I would have liked to watch!  As any broadcast is also jam-packed with advertising, my favorite Olympic commercial so far, has been this one.  And I’d say my favorite Olympic film is the classic Chariots of Fire, which is available at Snell.

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  1. I’ve been trying to stay up and watch the Olympic events, but they have been on so late! I also enjoy watching gymnastics and swimming. I would really like to see the equestrian events because I used to ride horses and have a great interest in them, but haven’t seen them broadcast at all. I checked the schedule for them and they are holding the events at 7:15am on most days over in Beijing (which would be 7:15pm over here). Do you know of any place online that’s showing the events?

  2. I’ve been staying up entirely too late all week to watch. The gymnastics has been pretty compelling (and sometimes so intense I have to hide behind a pillow because I can’t bear to look!). And the unstoppable Michael Phelps is fun to watch too. At NBCOlympics.com there’s a lot of video, including some events that aren’t being broadcast anywhere else, I think, so Tricia, you might want to look there. I would click on the sport on the left-hand side, and then on the sport’s main page, also on the left, click on the Videos link. If you scroll down far enough (below Highlights) you’ll see all the videos they have for that sport. It looks like there’s a decent amount of equestrian stuff. Yesterday I watched a little bit of a ping-pong match between Korea and Taiwan on the web — random! I think it might be the only place I can see James Blake’s huge upset of Roger Federer, too.

  3. One more thing — I should add that there are commercials included in the NBCOlympics.com videos. But not nearly as many as you’ll find on NBC itself!

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