Tristram Shandy

I finished Laurence Sterne’s Tristram Shandy, another one of my TBR 2008 Challenge books.  This is often hailed as the first post-modern text, and a few years ago, I saw a film adaptation A Cock and Bull Story, which I found to be a lot of fun.  So I was quite looking forward to this.  It’s a (very) rambling story where the narrator recounts his birth-paying particular attention to circumstances surrounding his conception, his father, and his uncle Toby.  Sterne has no compunction about breaking off a chapter, just as it’s about to reach a resolution.  It’s a narrative of interruptions, and so it requires a good deal of focus to follow the novel’s train(s) of thought.  Have any of you read it? What did you think? 

3 thoughts on “Tristram Shandy”

  1. This is embarrassing, but I’ve never read the book. However, I just wanted to add that A Cock and Bull Story is truly wonderful. I saw it with friends and was in just the right mood, which helps, but it was terribly funny and emotional, all at once.

    Interesting tidbit: Steve Coogan’s current movie is Tropic Thunder, which has been getting good reviews.

  2. Ha, Amanda–I was going to mention Coogan’s new movies–he’s also in Hamlet 2, which I’m dying to see and it comes out in the end of August (which is, gasp, next week)! And I had nearly an identical reaction to A Cock and Bull Story, both being in the right mood and finding it this great mix of funny and emotionally resonant (and dare I say, profound?)

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