We're open til 4! Neither snow nor rain nor sleet…

…nor gloom of night…will keep Snell Library from its appointed mission!聽 We are open today, Wednesday, January 12 until 4pm. If you’re not snowbound and you need a place to work or study, we are fortunate to have staff members Trish Reinhart, Stephanie Knutson and Tom Quinn who braved the elements and are staffing the Circulation Desk just in case you need assistance!聽聽 Call x8778 for any questions. The Reference Desk is closed but you can text us, we are monitoring our text account if you have any immediate research questions. The Digital Media Design Studio is open. The University Archives are closed. The Infocommons is closed. Many thanks to the staff who came in today, and if we don’t see you, enjoy your hot chocolate and we’ll see you tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “We're open til 4! Neither snow nor rain nor sleet…”

  1. G. Karen Merguerian

    I am truly impressed at everyone who was able to get motivated to get out of their house this morning!

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