Thanks, Ted!

I’ve enjoyed seeing the “Thanks, Ted!” signs on the expressway over the past few days, reminding us to reflect on the contributions Kennedy made to Massachusetts’s infrastructure.  Of course, it’s not all about roads!  Kennedy was instrumental in helping NU get funding for numerous projects, and you can learn about his contribution to the federal student aid program in an online exhibit created by our own Archives and Special Collections staff, in honor of Kennedy’s visit to NU in March, 2008.  I was a beneficiary of that program myself…So, thanks, Ted, for helping me get a college education!


2 thoughts on “Thanks, Ted!”

  1. I agree it was nice to see the signs.
    Thanks Karen for adding the link to the online exhibit
    after checking it out, I now wish that I had gone to hear him speak. But it is great that we have these pieces in our collection.

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