Harvard Educational Review now available

The NU community now has access to the Harvard Educational Review online through the NU Libraries.  It’s a scholarly journal of opinion and research in education, self-described as “one of the most prestigious journals in education, with circulation to policymakers, researchers, administrators, and teachers.” When I first heard we were getting this journal, I figured it was for education geeks and not for me, but I found a really interesting and accessible article by Houman Harouni in the latest issue, on something really relevant to our work here at the NU Libraries. The article is about the pedagogical problems and opportunities presented by Wikipedia, and how a high-school teacher worked with students to address them.  Should he disparage Wikipedia?  Allow it to be cited?  Vandalize it? Assign students to contribute to it?  Well, a little of all of the above…which led his class to some very interesting understandings of the issue of authorship and scholarly discourse. I signed up for the rss feed so I get notified when new issues of the journal are published.  Enjoy the Harvard Educational Review…you may be surprised at how relevant it is to your work, too!

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  1. Interesting–I find I’m using Wikipedia more and more not as an academic source, but when I want to find out “what people are saying/thinking” about a topic–more of the behind the scenes dirt.

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